A Tax Refund Turns Into Texas Replacement Siding

You’re making a list and checking it twice. No, not that kind of list. It’s a list of ways to spend your tax refund check. You haven’t made it yet? Let’s get started.

This won’t take long, we promise. There’s really only three areas to consider right now: your past, your present and your future. Let’s create a list in that order.

5. Pay debt. This could be anything from paying down credit card debt to taking care of old school loans. You may even owe a few hundred bucks to a friend or family member. Now is a terrific time to pay that debt and salvage that relationship.

4. Pay current bills. If you’re an energy-conscious home owner, you’ve managed to trim your monthly expenses but perhaps the cell phone bill grew a bit with a new line for your daughter or your insurance rate climbed due to an accident. Take care of those bills before you get socked with late fees.

3. Replace worn, failing or broken items. The old record player won’t need a replacement but a purchasing a new printer is sensible.

2. Buy gifts. Something you’ve had your eye on for awhile makes a nice purchase with this “extra” money. Then again, a surprise for a spouse or the kids will earn you praise for days.

1. Invest in your home. You plan to stay in your beloved Texas home a long time? Enhancing it now and again will keep it safe and comfortable. Selling it soon? Making upgrades inside and out can increase curb appeal and value. Vinyl siding is especially helpful as an upgrade item, providing a low-maintenance feature at an affordable price.

Crosby Roofing can help you assess how best to improve your Texas home. From roof repair and replacement to replacement siding, the services we provide come backed by a team of professionals with a proven track record in the state and status as a GAF MasterElite Roofing Contractor. Schedule an appointment today by calling 866-244-6181, and hold onto the record player. Vinyl still rules!


  1. In my opinion the roof looks aged even tohguh there is visible damage. The video definitely shows damage and merits a legit claim.I am a roofer and I also see lots of fraud in the State of Georgia. In my opinion the insurance should not have to pay for someone being cheap and not tearing off the old roofing and just adding layers. The thermal breakdown is worse on 2 layers that 1 layer.

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