Movies Get a New Home in Fort Worth


On Oscar weekend, the biggest movie news in Fort Worth may be the plans for a new drive-in theater just north of downtown. What’s old is new again, right? Movie fans over 40 will recall the time when drive-in theaters were more widely available. Younger moviegoers, accustomed to watching movies online or receiving them in [...]

Legendary Band’s New Tour Puts Things Into Perspective

When tickets for Van Halen’s summer show in Dallas at American Airlines Center go on sale tomorrow, expect a quick sell-out. Even though the line-up has changed more than a few times since the band’s heyday, its sound is still pretty much the same and you can expect to hear all the classics from the [...]

Buyer Beware Some Buyer-Beware Sites

Hiring a legitimate contractor in Texas is the responsibility of every homeowner in the state, and help is available to make distinguishing the reputable ones from the rest easier. But not all resources that claim to identify the good and bad contractors are reliable. And not all of them are designed to give you the [...]

Red Flags in Roofing

Weeks after Hurricane Irene hammered the Mid-Atlantic coast and parts of the Northeast, many residents are slowly recovering from flooding and wind damage to their homes. They’re also facing more sales calls from companies looking to quickly secure repair projects. That’s not surprising with the aftermath of a major storm. What is surprising is the [...]