Tweets From Texas Rooftops

Okay, this blog post may have already conjured up images of a roofer in Fort Worth with a hammer in one hand and a smartphone in the other. That’s quite a feat, but we’re happy to report that you won’t see that occurring when Crosby Roofing is on the job. No, we like our roofing professionals to have their eyes on the job in front of them.

But we do have a Twitter page. If you’re not driving or involved in something that demands an equal amount of attention, feel free to follow us. We’re easy to find: it’s @Crosby_Roofing.

So what does a roofing contractor tweet about? You won’t see Twitpics of our current projects. Nor will we comment on our favorite movies/music/TV shows. But we will provide useful information to help you make better decisions about home improvement projects from roofing to siding.

Property owners have a lot to consider when planning for roof or siding replacement. The pros and cons of different materials should be considered. The geography and climate here in Texas is another factor. Perhaps first and foremost is the process of finding the right contractor, one with a proven track record who is fully licensed and adequately insured. For us, Twitter becomes one more delivery system to share our insight with our fellow Texans and help make the entire process easier for both new and returning customers.

When you’re in the market for roof repairs, roof replacement or replacement siding in Texas, put yourself in a position of power by learning as much as you can about the project you want done. Then find a reputable contractor who specializes in that type of project. If it’s roofing or siding in Austin, or Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond, look no further. With 25 years of experience and counting, Crosby Roofing is ready to enhance and improve your home. Visit and call 866-244-6181 for a free inspection and estimate.


  1. Thanks for the posts. My roof just started to leak. I will use the airofmitnon I learned on your website and apply the tactics. I will let you know how things went. I am curious how the bidding process you talked about will apply. Thanks in advance for taking the time to provide some roofing tips.

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